La Blue Girl / Lady Blue

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"La Blue Girl" is three Hentai OVA series (amounting to a total of 10 episodes) from 1992-94. This early 1990s series was then resurrected for four more episodes from 2001-2002. There have also been some live action movies, and some video games. All of it is based on a 1989-1992 Manga. I’ve only seen the 2-episode 2nd "La Blue Girl" OVA, and the 3rd OVA, the 4-episode "Lady Blue". The cels here, save one, are from "Lady Blue", a tale of 400 year old betrayed, tragic love
...and tentacles.

In the world of "La Blue Girl" there are 3000 realms (I guess "Urotsukidoji" creator,Toshio Maeda, got tired of anime’s usual three realms), among these realms are the Human realm, and the Shikima, or Demon, realm (so many places to go, and yet we always wind up in the same places). Miko Mido, born from the red blood of a human mother and the blue blood of a demon father (shouldn’t she have purple instead of blue blood?), is a female ninja in modern day Japan. With the help of her squeaky voiced, perpetually horny, pint sized partner, Nin-Nin, she must fight all sorts of odd sexualized monsters, robots, and other things with her "Injutsu", mystic ninja sex fighting skills (including a blinding breast "Milk Strike", iron pubic hairs, acid filled orgasms, and more!). She can even take what she’s got, and make it like a man’s for girl-on-girl action. And so she protects her ditzy school girl friends, and the Shikima realm of sex crazed monsters, from any and all kinds of self-proclaimed evil.

"Take the stupidest thing you've ever seen, multiply it by a thousand fold, and you're still nowhere near it.”

Porn, RPG Video Games, and School Girl Anime combined!!! I do believe my brain has been irrevocably damaged from the sheer stupidity of this cartoon. The two Second OVA episodes I saw were non-stop nerdy, pervy, juvie Anime and Video Game based sex jokes. But, even at its worst misogynistic, sexist humor, I don't think it’s as demeaning to women as a lot of today’s unceasing, ever present Moe crap. Despite what some, I mean many ... most (all?) may see as the detrimental aspects of this series, a lot of its 1990s character designs are great!

 La Blue Girl 01

 La Blue Girl 02

 La Blue Girl 03

 La Blue Girl 04
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