Hikaruon, Campus Special Investigator

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“Campus Special Investigator: HikaruOn” is a one-shot 30-minute OVA from 1987.

A strange series of apparent suicides is occurring at a Japanese private school; Campus Investigators Hikaru Shihodo and Adzumi Hadzuki infiltrate the school to investigate the cause of these student deaths. Adzumi goes undercover as a business-suit wearing bodacious-babe teacher. Hikaru, back in school and posing as a newly enrolled student, is picked on by big, bad, bully Gomi and his gang, but quickly turns the tables on Gomi with his “too cool for school” attitude. After some “I-am-the-man” posturing between Gomi and Hikaru, pretty student council vice president Yayoi Shina becomes enamored of “Shihodo-kun”.

Through Shina, Hikaru meets suave, stuck-up, delicate featured, anemic looking student council president Amakusa (evil incarnate). Manipulative brainiac Amakusa is really a student’s soul-eating monster from another dimension. Amakusa takes Shina captive and puts Adzumi under mind control, and then he changes into a giant monster. It’s up to Hikaru to transform into the metal super-hero HikaruOn to rescue them.

Macho-man vs. effeminate-snob for hot teacher and attractive classmate-- winner take all!

GREAT ANIME FUN! A “one-man” (Screenplay, Storyboard, Character Design, Theme Song Lyrics, Director, Animation Director, Key Animator, and Original Creator: Kazuhiro Ochi -- though its key animator list is a veritable "who's who") anime homage to the 1970s-80s Metal-Hero sub-genre of Japanese live-action hero shows.

 HikaruOn 01

 HikaruOn 02

 HikaruOn 03

 HikaruOn 04
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Curator: guyvariii
Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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