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“Blue Seed” is a 26-episode TV series from 1994.

Japan is under attack by plant monsters! They are Aragami, blue seeds that can merge with any other type of life on earth to form monsters from Japanese myths. If the host’s consciousness is strong, they control the seeds; if not, the seeds control the host. All the weed whackers and pesticides in Home Depot can’t protect Japan, so the government agency TAC, Terrestrial Administration Center, is formed.

The heroine of the story is Momiji; a supposedly average High School Girl that discovers she’s the Kushinada, a reincarnation of a princess from an ancient legend whose blood is in some mystic way connected to the monsters. With the help of a blue seed, which becomes embedded in her chest, she’s able to locate Aragami for TAC to destroy. At the same time, she’s guarded by Mamoru (Mamoru is the Japanese word for protect--what a fitting name!); a man with seven blue seeds throughout his body, who wants to rid the world of the monsters, and end his role as protector of the Kushinada. He first sort of half-heartedly plans to kill Momiji as part of a plan to rid the world of the seeds, but in later volumes they become more romantically involved.

I’ve come to find the relationship between the major characters, and Momiji’s ability to sense blue seeds, very similar to the much later "Inuyasha" series’ Inuyasha and Kagome’s relationship, and Kagome’s ability to sense jewel shards. I wonder even more if "Inuyasha" was paying homage to "Blue Seed", because Mamoru’s previous fixation is named Kaede (the same name as Kikyo’s little sister).

The TAC team is more or less like a condensed version of "Patlabor’s" Section 2. So the characters were very likable, and so was the Anime… except that there’s this gag that’s replayed over and over again. In every episode, for some reason Momiji loses her skirt, or she falls on her face, so you can see her underwear, which displays some kind of animal caricature on her backside. Then another character makes a comment on how juvenile her underwear is, and they laugh hysterically. There’s even an episode where Momiji decides she’ll tell Mamoru her feelings by writing on her underwear. More people would probably like this cartoon if it weren’t slightly perverted in this way.

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