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"Maris the Chojo/SuperGal" is a one-shot 50 minute OVA from 1992, based on the short comic featured in Rumiko Takahashi’s "Rumik World".

Super strong, intergalactic, "Thantosian" policewoman Maris is stuck in debt. Due to her immense power (six times stronger than any earthling), she breaks everything she touches; and as the saying goes, "You break it. You bought it.” This cramps her social life, and forces her to take menial jobs on her vacations, to pay for all the priceless things she’s demolished. But all hope is not lost for Maris! The son of the richest "quadrillionaire" family has been taken hostage on planet "Moroi" (Japanese word for fragile) by another super strong Thantosian, Sue. Maris hopes that saving the rich kid will woo him into marriage; and while he’s paying her bills, she’ll be finally able to live the good life!

I’m really stupid for not buying this while it was in print, because now the VHS copies are hard to find. Still, even though the video is "Out-Of-Print", Americans can read the slapstick comedy comic released by Viz (hopefully that won’t go out-of-print). I enjoy Takahashi’s short comics and anime, like the other "Rumik World" titles and "Rumik Anthology". I think her stories are actually better suited to this trimmed down, more to the point, no moronic-time-wasting-subplot medium; rather than the longer, more popular, multi-episode TV series/phenoms; like "Inuyasha", "Ranma ½ ", and "Urusei Yatsura".

 Maris 01

 Maris 02

 Maris 03

 Maris 04
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