Guyver - Lost Units' Challenge

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The following are storyboards from “Guyver, Act 2 Episode 2: The Lost Units’ Challenge.”

The boards begin at the fight with the “Lost Units / Numbers” and continue to the end of the episode.
All of the pages are hand-drawn, except for: Sho’s nightmare, the last 3 frames of G-LUC 53 through G-LUC 56. Also, cuts 233 and 234 on G-LUC 18 are a photocopy of cuts 226 and 227 on G-LUC 15.

Most of the boards match the action in the actual released episode, but some are slightly different.
A few of the differences shown in them are:
  • There isn’t as much reused animation;

  • Guyver-1 isn’t shown being held captive by Dyme at the same time as Murakami;

  • Dyme avoids Guyvar-1’s first downward strike, and is sliced while trying to attack from the side;

  • Guyver-1 is shown standing opposite Aptom, after Dyme’s death;

  • After the fight, Sho falls forward off screen away from Murakami;

  • When Sho wakes up, in the following scenes with Shizu and Onuma, the location of characters are different, the characters are moving more and the camera angle changes a lot more often;

  • The episode ends with a shot of Mt. Minakami.

Because of the differences, I’m guessing these boards are a preliminary version of the show.

In the "Guyver’s" ending credits, Hidetoshi Omori is listed as the story-boarder. Mr. Omori was the Character Designer on "The Guyver" OVA; Animation Director on "Peacock King: Festival of the Ogre's Revival" and "Final Fantasy VII"(videogame); and Director of the "Robot Carnival: Deprive" short.
(click on .gif thumnails to view whole pages.)

 G-LUC 01

 G-LUC 02

 G-LUC 03

 G-LUC 04

 G-LUC 05

 G-LUC 06
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Curator: guyvariii
Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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