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"Warrior Nun Areala" is a comic book character created by Ben Dunn in 1994. In the mid-late ’90s an animated OVA was planned but never finished.

The Catholic Church has a sub rosa order of Warrior Nuns and Magic Priests, the Order of the Cruciform Sword, which fights against demons, satanic heretics, and other bad guys. God knows when, every so often, a Warrior Nun appears who can act as an "avatar" for the Order’s founding Nun, Areala (A convert Valkyrie from the 9th century). The most recent Areala is orphan New Yorker Nun Shannon Masters.

The work of Ben Dunn is well known to many old school Anime fans because he adapted and re-drew many panels for the American release of older Manga titles. He drew a lot of the US "Captain Harlock" covers. His own later comic titles, like "Warrior Nun", were advertised as having a "Manga-style”.

I learned of "Warrior Nun" through Antarctic Press’ heavy advertising of this cartoon (my local comic shop was covered in "Warrior Nun" posters). It’s a real let down that, except for a 1-minute opening trailer, this show does not exist. The idea of a badass demon-fighting Nun is hilarious. For now, at least there’s personal fav, Sister Saeko (Psycho) from "Suikoden Demon Century" !


Curator: guyvariii
Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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