Layzner, SPT: Blue Comet

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"SPT Layzner: The Blue Comet" aired in 1985 and was first conceived as a 52 episode TV series, but was cut to 38 episodes. A few years after its original airing a 3 volume OVA series was released, the first 2 volumes retold the TV show and the last volume ended the show. I’ve only seen some of the TV show and parts of the OVA.

In the near future (1996, heehee) mankind will spread out into space and colonize other planets, like Mars. Because of our expansion, a very human-like group of aliens, the Grados, see us as a threat to their future existence. Before we have the capability to reach and attack them, they launch an unprovoked preemptive attack on Mars. Taking advantage of the Cold War between America and Russia, the Grados make it look like the war has turned hot on Mars. Unfortunately for them, Eiji, the son of a lost Japanese Astronaut and a Grados, uses this opportunity to steal their newest giant robot ("Super Powered Tracer") and escape Mars with a multinational group of teens, in order to warn Earth of the Grados threat.

On Earth the Americans view Eiji as part of the Grados force. Eiji is immediately imprisoned and tests are run on him and his SPT, Layzner, in order to create more effective weapons to combat the Grados. At the end of part one Eiji is unsuccessful; but instead of destroying Earth, the Grados take it over.

Using many of the techniques the Japanese used during their occupation of Korea, the Grados impose a tyrannical rule on the Earth; but the group of teens and Eiji form a freedom fighting force.

Despite Soap Opera like interactions between the characters in this show, and manly men breaking into tears because of the horrors of war, Eiji remains the gloomy, emotionally shutdown character that Ryousuke Takahashi uses in most of his anime. Eiji is not much different from "A.T. Votoms’" Chirico Cuvie or "Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto’s" Akizuki Yojiro. Even though I like this character (he’s cool!), he doesn’t have enough nuances to make him a worthwhile lead character, and unlike Chirico, he doesn’t have the same super-understanding, fun-loving group of friends. Layzner’s good points are its plot, and design ideas. Though the original series failed, and it’s similar to many other anime, it was very influential, and you can see elements from it in later anime like "Tekkaman Blade", and even "Code Geass".

 Layzner 01

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