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“Roots Search: Life Devourer X” is a 45-minute OVA from 1986.

Deep in space, on a satellite research station orbiting the planet Telmeckius, a group of scientists, Marcus, Scott, and Norman are studying the planet’s effects on ESP. The group’s case study, Moira, suddenly has a vision; she witnesses the horrifying and violent deaths of all the members of the research station. At this moment, an unknown spaceship comes out of warp, signaling SOS.

Unable to contact the ship by radio, Moira and Scott board the vessel, to find one lone unconscious survivor among a mass of corpses. They pilot the ship to their research station. Inside the station, Norman finds something else on board, a hideous and disgusting humanoid Alien (AAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!). Marcus decides to immediately send the thing back into space because he has a “bad feeling” about it (Guess he’s psychic too). After the Alien is thrown back into space, Marcus has a vision of one of his dead business partners. This confrontation ends with Marcus being impaled by multiple iron rods in the real world.

Following the discovery of Marcus’ body, Scott and Moira go to the station’s observation deck to muse on the existence of mankind (I don’t think I’d be considering that if I just saw one of my associates turned into a human pin-cushion). They’re interrupted by Buzz, the lone survivor of the spaceship. With gun drawn he asks, “Are you truly humans?” Moira convinces him they are human, but the conversation is interrupted by Norman’s screams. While checking on Norman; Scott, Moira, and Buzz witness a terrified Norman transform into the humanoid Alien. The monster proclaims that, in two hours, they’ll all die!

The Alien, “Alien X,” has no true form; can take on and inhabit any form; reads minds; uses telekinesis; is invincible; and is bent on destroying mankind as some kind of divine retribution for our self-obsessed behavior (Mwahahahaha!).

“Roots Search” was someone’s attempt to combine “Solaris” and “Alien” in 45-minutes. The Alien was almost effectively scary while killing Marcus, Norman, and Scott, but when it went after Moira and Buzz suddenly it just became a mass of ooze and tentacles. As the Anime starts to head to its climax, there’s a hilarious scene of Moira and Buzz frolicking around naked. When the show ends, it ends twice. I was hoping Alien X would come back at the end and say, “You have an hour and fifteen minutes left! Mwahahahahaha!”, but it didn’t happen. Oh well….

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Curator: guyvariii
Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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