Ushio and Tora

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"Ushio and Tora" is a 10-volume OVA, released from 1992 to 1993, based on a manga (comic).

Ushio, a brash, loud-mouthed middle-schooler, discovers a huge tiger-like monster, Tora, after falling into the sealed basement of his temple home. Tora, pinned to a rock for 500 years by the magical Beast Spear, orders Ushio to pull out the weapon, so he can eat Ushio and return to his existence of devouring people and wreaking havoc and turning the world into a living hell (Bwahahaha!).

Ushio, seeing that the monster is trapped and helpless, kicks the spear in deeper, and yells back, “Who in the heck would free a monster that sees human lives as food?”

He starts to leave the basement while Tora cries back with the not exactly enticing, “Wait… if there’s someone you don’t like, I could kill them for you!”

But, unfortunately, by opening the door into this chamber, Ushio has released Tora’s powerful demon aura, which attracts other supernatural creatures. In order to defeat these monsters, and others, Ushio needs the power of the Beast Spear, and Tora’s knowledge of dealing with demons.

Fortunately, his confinement has turned Tora into the proverbial “Fish out of water”, changing him from heartless and terrifying, to irritable and dumfounded by his surroundings. Overcome by the power of cologne (a hideous fate that befalls many guys in real life), glass pane windows, and punk clothing, Tora sticks with Ushio and eats hamburgers (although he still claims to prefer the taste of humans). The two repeatedly say they’ll kill each other, beginning a beautiful friendship, as they engage in continuing battles against monsters, all the while protecting Ushio’s girlfriend, Asako, and her friend, Mayuko.

Great, humorous, Shonen (boy’s) show, which features fun characters engaged in enjoyable banter!

 Ushio & Tora 01

 Ushio & Tora 02

 Ushio & Tora 03

 Ushio & Tora 04
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