Metal Jack, Armored Police

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“Armored Police: Metal Jack” is a thirty-seven episode TV series from 1991. Character designs for the show were done by Yorihisa Uchida, Creator of “Guy: Double Target”, and Character Designer on “Jushin Liger”; and mechanical designs were done by Yukihiro Makino, Monster Designer on “Guy: Second Target”, and Armor Designer on “Jushin Liger”.

Tokyo, 2015AD…
With advancements in computer and mechanical technology, crime will become even more violent and dangerous, and a new cyber criminal syndicate, IDO, under the control of Megadeth (what a great name!), will threaten the peaceful citizens of Tokyo. To combat their terrorism, a top secret cyborg project, Armored Police: Metal Jack, is created.

The nefarious IDO targets the multi-billionaire boy genius, Jun Zaizen. Megadeth attacks at the boy’s birthday party, but Jun is saved by the heroic, sacrificial actions of three men: a Police Inspector, Ken Kanzaki, who was part of the party’s security; and two of the celebration’s guests of honor, Professional Racecar Driver, Ryo Aguri; and Professional Wrestler, Go Gouda. Through the cyborg technology of the Metal Jack project, they are brought back from their fatal injuries to form the Armored Police. Together, along with the occasional help of the mysterious B-9 “Shadow”, they protect Jun, as well as the rest of Tokyo, from Megadeth and his villainous henchmen, Troidal and Giluria.


A really cool kids' action Anime featuring Henshin heroes striking poses, and villains maniacally laughing.
But, about a dozen episodes from the end, the plot turns darker and deeper, with surprise twists, and characters in crisis over issues of identity, humanity, and purpose. And, though great fun, like many Japanese children’s action cartoons, the violence seems a little too intense to American sensibilities for its genre. People die onscreen, depicted complete with gruesome sound effects and blood. Main hero Ken’s childhood backstory features his adoptive infant sister, Saiyuri, being attacked and threatened while sleeping in her bedroom by a drooling maniac with a gun, who then guns down Ken’s adoptive Dad (who later dies from his injuries) forcing little boy Ken to pick up his father’s gun and shoot a man in order to protect his adoptive mother and sister. It still gives this character nightmares as an adult…
and it might do the same for your kid or little brother or sister.

 Metal Jack 01

 Metal Jack 02

 Metal Jack 03

 Metal Jack 04
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