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“Big Wars” is a 75-minute movie from 1993, co-directed by Toshifumi Takizawa (the Director of the "Crusher Joe" OVAs and the "Samurai 7" movie) and based on the eponymous novel series by Yoshio Aramaki, the ultra-nationalist author of “Deep Blue Fleet” / "Konpeki no Kantai".

2416 AD …
Three centuries have passed since earthlings traveled to and colonized Mars. Man is now facing an alien threat. For forty years, a fierce prolonged war has been taking place on the sand seas of Mars, between humanity, and an alien race of beautiful, red-eyed, blonde women known only as the “Gods.” Offensive and defensive actions have seesawed back and forth, but now, with the appearance of a new God Battleship, “Hell”; God Sun Cannon attacks on the Motherland...uh...Earth itself; and the Gods’ ability to use seductive mind control, mankind seems to be doomed.

After losing Man’s greatest battleship, the Aoba, in a sandstorm brought about by Hell’s weather control attacks at the battle of Eden’s Plateau, Capt. Kanki Akuh has been transferred to the city of Achilles’ Spring, in order to captain a new ship. On arrival he meets his old girlfriend, Intelligence Officer Darsa Keligan. Following the Eden’s Plateau battle, she had taken part in the interrogation of a captured God fighter pilot, and extracted the layout of Hell. However, she, and her whole division…have been infected by the Gods’ mind control.

“…sometimes subverted people exhibit Nymphomania.”

Before losing all control to enemy “mind subversion”, Darsa is able to give everything she’s got to Capt. Akuh (woohoo). With Darsa’s intel and the new top secret battleship, the re-forged Aoba (the Yamato brought back from its watery grave?), Kanki must go on a covert payback mission, to hunt down and destroy Hell. But with persistent, hallucinatory sexual fantasies on the bridge, Akuh starts to show his own signs of alien subversion.

“A Captain of the fleet risks his life even in love affairs. Were you sleeping with a Martian panther?”

“Big Wars” is visually impressive. Huge, sand-blasted, WWII naval-style battleships with ultra-detailed control panels of flip and toggle switches run by strong jawed, big eyebrowed, no-nonsense, military muscle men... it feels like an ultra-nationalistic mech-head’s sexed-up, futuristic, fictionalized restaging of the Pacific War
-- as Manly Men Vs. Blonde Babes!

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