Fatal Fury

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Based on the SNK, beat ‘em up, “King Of Fighters” fighting video game series, “Fatal Fury”/“Garou Densetsu” (Legend of the Hungry Wolf) is a 1992 OVA, followed by a second OVA in 1993, and, in 1994, a theatrical motion picture.

OVA 1:
Ten years after the death of their adoptive father, Terry and Andy Bogard have returned to the slums where they were born, South Town, seeking vengeance. They must prove to their father’s sensei, Master Tung Fu Rue, that their years of back street and championship brawling have earned them the right to inherit the Hakkyokuseiken school’s ultimate technique, the Hurricane Punch… as well as the honor of fighting their father’s killer, Geese Howard.

“So, both brothers have come seeking death. That makes both of you fools!”

OVA 2:
Terry “the Hungry Wolf” Bogard, has been beaten! The half-brother of Geese, the monstrous Earl of Stroheim, Wolfgang Krauser, has defeated him - in mere moments - in a back alley fight. Battered and broken, his will to fight shattered, and his pride drowning in a bottle of booze, Terry must somehow reclaim his title and restore his very identity as: The King Of Fighters.

“If you start this, you can be certain that I will finish it.”

A new opponent has appeared. Laocorn Gaudeamus, in order to become strong enough to avenge the death of his archeologist father, has fused himself with a piece of the Armor of Mars. Now, controlled by the armor’s own evil consciousness, the very will of the God of War, Laocorn is seeking to acquire all six pieces of the armor -- by any means necessary. To save her brother, his sister, Sulia, looks for help from our gang of heroes: Terry Bogard, Joe Higashi, Andy Bogard, and Mai Shiranui. But, can the King Of Fighters’ fists overcome the power of a GOD?

“… three big guys against one little girl just isn’t fair ...” “Burn, Knuckle!”

Wusses, leave! Women, go take care of the weak. It’s time for the meaty men to pummel and beat the crap out of each other. Character Designer, Executive Animation Director, and, for the movie, Director, Masami Obari ( “Gowcaizer”, “Platinumhugen Ordian”) gives you all the posturing, grandstanding, ass-kicking action
(and in OVA 2 and the movie, his trademark sniggering, bouncing, boob flashing fan service *ahem*)
a VG fan could wish for, in this classic Fighting Game adaptation.

 Fatal Fury 01

 Fatal Fury 02

 Fatal Fury 03

 Fatal Fury 04
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