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"Sailor Moon" is a manga and anime phenomenon, which to some extent is still going on. The anime first came out in 1992.

Serena/Usagi, a 14-year-old irresponsible, lazy, airhead junior high student is Sailor Moon. Our petty and petulant hero learns she’s a reincarnated princess destined to rule over the planet during the "Silver Millennium" alongside her ephebophilic college aged boy-toy. Before she inherits the world she must defend it from the Nega-verse, Dark Moon, and other assorted groups of dark purple sleazy people bent on some type of world domination.

"Sailor Moon" is Shojo (Girls Coming of Age) Anime. Serena/Usagi is supposed to be every-girl at the end of her Childhood existence moving into the world of Adults. Her friends are one-note-stereotypical-archetype characters. We have Ami the smart girl, Rei the mean girl (Second Banana Character), Venus the pretty girl, Jupiter the strong girl, etc. Her team is the same group of characters that appear in almost all the giant robot anime of the 1970s except this time they’re girls in sleazy sailor fuku instead of guys in spandex. Serena/Usagi’s boyfriend is Darien/Mamoru. I don’t know why, but Darien/Mamoru is a college-aged man and he’s paired with Serena/Usagi a junior high girl (don't get me started on Rini/Chibiusa). Serena/Usagi has to fight against the older, wiser, sexier, controlling Queen Beryl to Get Her Man, I mean, to Protect the World.

Since I’m a guy, I’m especially disappointed in Darien’s character. I can deal with Darien being strangely mean and overprotective. But that pedophilic freak chooses a pathetic self-obsessed schoolgirl over Mistress of the Dark, I mean, Queen of the Nega-verse, Beryl. When I compare Beryl and Sailor Moon, Beryl is obviously the better choice, but apparently Darien only realizes this when he’s under "mind control”. Beryl is hot! Sailor Moon is not. Even if he’s considering who should ultimately Rule the World, Beryl may be an evil controlling monster who demands respect, but is that really worse then an inept airhead?

“Lady Evil, evil. She's a magical, mystical woman. Lady Evil, evil in my mind.
She's queen of the night.
All right!!”
--Lady Evil, Black Sabbath

 Sailor Moon 01

 Sailor Moon 02

 Sailor Moon 03

 Sailor Moon 04
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