Battle Royal High School

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"Shin Majinden Battle Royal High School" is a one-shot 60-minute OVA from 1987. The character designs were by Nobuteru Yuki, Character Designer for "Angel Cop", "Five Star Stories", "Lodoss War" (OVA), and "Escaflowne".

Martial-arts meathead, Riki, has decided to become… THE GREATEST MARTIAL ARTIST IN THE WORLD. So he dons his hand-dandy Leopard mask (doesn’t everybody just have one lying around?) and challenges his school dojo. By pummeling his fellow pupils and his sensei, he inadvertently fulfills the demon world’s prophecy of the Leopard Headed Warrior, which opens a gateway to the monster realm. The dark lord Byoudo, advised by his underling, the Fairy Master, comes to the human realm to kick Riki’s ass. For some reason he’s convinced that by smashing Riki’s face in, he’ll be able to claim the human world as his.

After entering the human world, Byoudo discovers that Riki is really the human incarnation of himself (I’d like to believe that in another dimension I’m a demon lord, too!), and the two merge. The Fairy Master was really feeding Byoudo a line of garbage and plans to use this opportunity to subjugate the humans with her hive of fairies. Fairies aren’t fair, pink, washed-out colored, flower sprites. No, they’re small, bug-eyed, sickly blue-green colored, razor teeth bearing, evil parasites that turn living things into giant pulsating monsters of inverted flesh (I used to try and convince my sister of this fact, but she never believed me). This influx of hideous monstrosities catches the attention of demon-hunter, Yuuki Toshihiro, and intergalactic time and continuity cop, Zankan. Which all leads up to a series of hideous, bloody, disgusting, one-on-one, I’m-going-to-beat-you-to-a-pulp, smack-down fights.

An awesome, badass, kickass gory monster cartoon from the 1980s.

 Battle Royal High School 01

 Battle Royal High School 02

 Battle Royal High School 03

 Battle Royal High School 04
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Curator: guyvariii
Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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