Digital Devil

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"Digital Devil" is a one volume OVA from 1987.

Computer nerd Nakajima has taken control of his school.
He used to be an average nerdy computer student. The class punks used to push him around. The computer teacher didn’t let him play with the computers at school.
But he has reaped a horrible VENGEANCE on them all!

Using the dark arts of Computer Programming and 1980s Technology (Who knew a 3½ floppy could hold so much?) he calls forth the demon Loki. While keeping Loki confined to his computer, Nakajima uses Loki’s mind control powers to kill the ruffians who beat him up and teach that no talent High School Computer Teacher his place. Because of Loki’s power, the whole school fears and respects Nakajima (No more being chewed out for coming late to class).

Unfortunately Loki is a nymphomaniac computer monster. Every once in a while, using a satanic like ritual combined with data-tape and wires (this is pre-Bluetooth), Nakajima digitally sends Loki his Homeroom Teacher, Ms. Ohara. After Ohara has had Computer Devil, there’s no going back to the normal stuff. Nakajima’s Homeroom Teacher allies herself with the monster and frees Loki from his DOS prison, bringing the demon into the real world. Having acquired his teacher, Loki no longer needs Nakajima and decides to attack him. In order to fight against Ohara and Loki, Nakajima allies himself with Transfer Student Yumiko, the re-incarnation of the Goddess Izanami. The World’s only hope against a sex-crazed, power-mad Homeroom Teacher and a Digital Devil is the allied force of a Computer Geek and a Transfer Student.

All I can say is… this is… A-W-E-S-O-M-E!
It may be stupid… it may be silly… but it’s most definitely, AWESOME!
Plus it’s made in the 1980s so the monsters look great.

 Digital Devil 01

 Digital Devil 02

 Digital Devil 03

 Digital Devil 04
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Curator: guyvariii
Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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