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"Hunter x Hunter" is a TV series started in 1999. The TV show was followed by 3 OVA series: "Hunter x Hunter OAV", "Hunter x Hunter: Greed Island", and "Hunter x Hunter: G.I. Final".

"Hunter x Hunter" (said Hunter Hunter) follows the exploits of a young boy named Gon, who is in search of his father, Ging. Gon’s search begins when he meets a mysterious "Hunter" (Adventure Seeker) named Kait. Gon, who believed his father to be dead, is told that his father is a famous Hunter and the only way he’ll be able to find him is if he becomes a Hunter.

The trials Gon must face in order to find his Dad, are custom designed by his father. Ging wants to create the strongest Hunter ever.
In order to become a Hunter one has to pass the Hunter exam. In the beginning we follow Gon and three of his friends as they become closer while overcoming the obstacles of the Hunter exam. Gon’s friends are Leorio, Kurapika, and Killua. Each compatriot has his own dark past and his own reason to become a Hunter.

Many fans of this series are enamored of the character Hisoka. As an audience we first meet Hisoka during the Hunter exam, he also appears in the other season of the TV show and the OVAs. Hisoka is a strong warrior whose greatest sexual turn-on is beating the hell out of a strong opponent while his opponent is pummeling him. Hisoka is too strong for his own good. He can’t get gratification from beating "normal" opponents because they’re too weak. Gon and his friends are already strong, any words of challenge they offer to Hisoka will send him into a lust filled killing frenzy. If Hisoka can control himself and wait until they grow-up, Gon and his friends will become the greatest warriors ever. This will give Hisoka the greatest "fight" of his life.

My favorite character is Pakunoda. She is part of a crime organization known as the Genei Ryodan. Gon”s friend, Kurapika, seeks revenge against the group and forces Pakunoda into a situation where she must make choices involving love, loyalty and life as the characters’ roles of hero and villain, Ying and Yang, are blurred. The TV series is OK, it has moments (Nobody likes him, but Hanso’s cool!), but it’s really silly and repetitive. The first OVA is great but you have to watch the 62-episode TV series in order to understand the back-story and it is also ultimately depressing.

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