Mechander (Mekanda) Robo

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“Mechander Robo” is a 35-episode TV series from 1977. Its mechanical designs were done by Kunio Okawara, who was also mecha designer on “Betterman”, “GaoGaiGar”, “Layzner”, “Votoms”, and a bunch of different Gundam series.

Earth has been invaded by the space alien empire of Kongisuta. Once a peaceful race which inhabited the planet Ganymede, they were corrupted by their own technology and transformed into androids. Under the command of General Ozmel (not quite Ozymandias), these invaders have subjugated most of our planet. However, though decimated by the Kongisuta and their automated, nuclear power targeting, missile launching, space satellite (the Omega Missile); Japan has not been completely taken over. Within the King Diamond, a baseball stadium disguised, transforming, secret, combined land-fortress and mobile weapons launching pad, Dr. Shikishima has created Earth’s last line of defense… Mechander Robo.

Our final chance for salvation from the controlling grasp of these alien oppressors is entrusted to three young men: Jimmy Orion, Kojiro Hachijima, and Dr. Shikishima’s own son, Ryosuke Shikishima. Together, the three man team pilot the jets, Mechander-1, Mechander-2, and Mechander-3, that can combine to form the aerial bomber Mechander Max, which can then dock with and activate the giant nuclear powered robot, Mechander Robo. Even with the immense power of Mechander Robo, the team can’t survive a direct hit from the Omega missile. Hence, they must activate Mechander Robo, and defeat the Kongisuta’s latest giant robot, before the missile has the time to reach them. Also, though human in guise, Jimmy Orion is really the long lost prince of planet Ganymede. Before he was turned android, his mother had sent him into space, to protect him. Though Jimmy was saved from becoming a Kongisuta, his mother wasn’t, and is now the Earth occupation force’s second in command, Medusa. In order to protect our planet, his second home, from the sins of his planet, Jimmy must face not just his own people, but his very own mother, in combat.

“Mechander, Mechander, Mechander Robo--
Da, Da, Da, Da, Da, Da, Da!

A classic 1970s super robot anime! Though the animation is limited and its episode execution becomes repetitive, the sci-fi, soap opera like plot situations are interesting, and it has fun, iconic mecha designs. Also, everyone should be sure to checkout the rockin’ Animetal cover of its opening song.

 Mekanda 01

 Mekanda 02

 Mekanda 03

 Mekanda 04
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