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"PlatinumHugen Ordian" was released in 2000, but has not yet been licensed for distribution in the US.

Yuu Kananase was a High School dropout and two-bit punk with no purpose in his life until he joined the IMO. He did so on the recommendation of his friend and "Senpai", Ryo Tachibana. According to Ryo, he’ll have lots of comrades, be able to pilot giant mechanized robots, "RimHugens", and have a purpose in life if he joins the organization. After joining the International Military Service Organization he becomes part of the 18th squad. His RimHugen flying companions are the German flying aces Nell Machmahausen and Wolf Erikmeyer; and his childhood friend, Nanna Aihara.

As the members of the 18th squad become good friends, we learn that Senpai Ryo wasn’t just looking out for Yuu’s best interests when he recommended that Yuu join the IMO. He was acting under the authority of Kaori Kananase, the leader of the 18th squad. Kaori (who shares more than a last name with Yuu), as well as the IMO Commander Aihara (Nanna’s Father), want Yuu because of his "Life Data", data that was implanted into Yuu through "Remake".

Yuu’s father was a Japanese scientist who was working on the project known as "Remake"; a project that was stolen from German scientist Rikardo Dühlmeyer and Councilman Erikmeyer. The Remake project manipulates human souls. With Remake you can cheat death by moving a soul from one body to another; you can implant a soul into computerized machinery; or you can remake a soul by changing memories or adding or subtracting information. The Americans, the Japanese, the Germans, and three mad scientists (Dühlmeyer, Sanada, and Yuu’s father, Masaki Kananase) all want to control Remake. Unbeknownst to Yuu, Nell, and Wolf, they are all directly involved with Remake. Can the bonds between the members of the 18th Squad, especially between Wolf and Yuu, stand-up to the might of three world superpowers and the ambitions and jealousies of three mad scientists? In the end, "There are some things in this world, which Man was not meant to know!"

Even after I knew of its existence, I didn’t want to watch "PlatinumHugen Ordian". This anime has tons of bad reviews. After watching it, I have to say this is one of the BEST anime I have seen in a long time. Parts of the anime are similar to "Neon Genesis: Evangelion", but I prefer the characters and the setup of the story in "Ordian". At its worst, "Ordian" has some oddly used Norse Mythology, but at least "Ordian" doesn’t have badly used Christian Iconography in an Oedipal, Pseudo-Confucian story line. Even though the cartoon starts near the end and then flashes back to the beginning, I spent most of the anime not knowing what was going to happen next. Similar to "Eva", as a viewer you’re not even given an explanation of what is really going on until the series is more than half over, and the explanation you’re given is only part of the whole story. This requires you to watch the whole thing and, unlike "Eva", whose ending was stupid and simplistic (Now I really like myself, bah!), I thought "Ordian’s" ending was decent (fansub watchers be aware--the ending includes the final version of the closing credits, omitted in the fansubs). "Ordian’s" major flaw (besides the opening theme song) is that, like many other anime including "Eva", there are too many minor characters that aren’t given enough back-story; the "Copper Blood Organization" comes to mind.

This isn’t Hentai but, like most of Obari’s other titles, there is a lot of nudity (both male and female); characters dress in S&M wear (both male and female); and the women are busty. If you like this stuff, add it to your reasons to watch "Ordian". If you don’t like this stuff, try to look past these aspects of the series because the story is interesting. There are many poignant, mysterious, dramatic, funny, and exciting scenes.

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