Wings of Honneamise:
Royal Space Force

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Gainax released “The Wings of Honneamise” in 1987.

"The Wings of Honneamise" takes place in an alternate world, where man has not yet traveled into space.
The story follows a young man named Shirotsugh Lhadatt. Shirotsugh is an average man. As a child he dreamed of being a pilot, but he was unable to obtain his dream. After his graduation from school, he was too average and did not qualify. So he ended up as a "loser" member of the Royal Space Force. In a world controlled by political posturing and war, the idea of going into space is seen as a useless expense. The members of the Royal Space Force are viewed as being just as useless themselves by the rest of the military.

While wandering around with his bum compatriots, Shirotsugh meets a young religious woman named Leiqunni. Leiqunni has nothing, and knows nothing of the world, other than her religious teachings and her limited meetings with people. She runs a small “church” on the outskirts of town and asks people to come to discuss "God’s teachings." After the death of another member of the Royal Space Force, and because he’s attracted to her, Shirotsugh decides to go to one of these meetings. He turns out to be the only person who has ever decided to attend.

He tells Leiqunni that he’s a member of the Space Force and she thinks this is wonderful. Because of her reaction, he decides to volunteer to be the next test pilot of the newest rocket that will be sent into orbit. The rocket is experimental, but it’s the Space Force’s last chance to prove themselves worthy of future funding, and is their best chance of sending anyone into space. After rigorous training, Shirotsugh is physically ready for the flight, but feels emotionally empty, and is still nowhere near getting romantically close to Leiqunni. In order to go on, Shirotsugh must find a deeper, more meaningful reason in his life, and obtain peace with himself and the world.

This is one of the best, if not the best, anime. Man is worthless, but he can attain greatness. The story is top notch; the characters are great; and the look is better than any other Japanese cartoon (I wish I had a complete cel set-up from the launch). I’ve heard other reviews complain of the attempted rape scene, but it makes sense in the story. The film moves very slowly, but to have any kind of emotional connection with the characters, it has to. In short, don’t watch this in the middle of the night. You won’t make it to the end and it’s not fair to this movie. Because this is the best anime has. There is nothing better.

 Honneamise 1

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