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“Super Bestial Machine God Dancougar” is a 38 episode TV series from 1985, which was followed by two one-shot OVAs: “Dancougar: Requiem for Victims” and “God Bless Dancougar” released in 1986 and 1987; a four volume OVA: “Dancougar: Blazing Epilogue” released from 1988 through 1990; and a second TV series: “Dancougar Nova”, from 2007. The first TV series’ original creator is Keisuke Fujikawa, creator of “Windaria” and “Utsunomiko”, and its mecha designs were done by Masami Obari, director of “Detonator Orgun”, “Bubblegum Crisis-Moonlight Rambler”, “Platinum Hugen Ordian”, “Gowcaizer”, “Fatal Fury”, and “Dancougar Nova”.

Earth is under attack from the alien empire of Emperor Muge Zarbados. In mere moments, all of North America, save for a few resistance pockets, fell to one of his generals, Death Gaia. Earth’s only hope against the aliens’ superior weaponry is the Cyber Beast, a new weapon developed in Japan that combines the ferocious, predatory, animalistic nature of beasts with the form of conventional tanks and fighter jets. Because the animal instincts of the machines respond to the emotions of their operators, to best bring out their full fighting potential a team of four hot-headed, quick to anger pilots: Shinobu Fujiwara, Sara Yuki, Masato Shikibu, and Ryo Shiba are chosen to create the Cyber Beast Force (Jyusenkitai). Together they must stand against not only Emperor Muge, but also their own former Wing Commander from before the planet’s takeover (and in Yuki’s case, her former lover), the ambitious, traitorous, Shapiro Keats.

Earth is under attack! Let’s give violent, ill-tempered, loner badasses shiny new super weapons (sure... that’s just what I’d do). The show is a lot of fun to watch, and features highly detailed ’bots piloted by red-hot heroes.


 Dancouga 01

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Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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