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"Fight! Iczer-1" was an OVA released in 1985-87, followed by "Iczer Reborn" in 1990, and the related "Iczelion" in 1994; All works of Director, Toshiki Hirano (“Dangaioh”, "Zeorymer", “Vampire Princess Miyu”).

Once on a planet deep in space, there existed a race of… Super Hot Lesbian Aliens called the “Cthulu” (Someone really didn’t understand Lovecraft). Unfortunately, for reasons unknown to us, their planet was destroyed. But before it was destroyed, the inhabitants left the planet on a space ship (Thank God). While they were wandering the Galaxy they came into contact with, and were corrupted by, android Big Gold. Now bent on World domination, these alien women decide to take over the planet Earth (YES!).

I don’t know why, but Big Gold decides to make an android warrior, Iczer-1. Iczer-1 decides she doesn’t want to fight for Big Gold. She instead wants to partner with Japanese schoolgirl, Nagisa. So Iczer-1 leaves Big Gold and decides to protect Earth with her giant robot, Iczer-Robo.

It kind of has the plot of “Gaiking”, only it’s sillier, and in this case they’re not just aliens, they’re lesbian aliens. I think the name needed to be changed for the American release. It should have been called something like: “Attack of the Space Women” or “Space Women from Cthulu”. It’s an animated Lesbian-Godzilla movie with gore. Giant Robots destroy Tokyo, and the Japanese Self Defense Force only exists to be blown-up. A lot of the series features Nagisa screaming: “I don’t want to synch with you!” and Iczer-1’s response is: “Will you synch with me to protect your planet?” Iczer-1 is also given an evil sister, Iczer-2. All she does is endlessly exclaim: “Iczer-1, I will destroy you” and “Iczer-1, I’ll take your woman.” My favorite part is when Iczer-1 gives Nagisa a micro-miniskirt, complete with laser firing accessories, and says; “Wear this. It will protect you.”

"Iczer" drags in some places, but it makes up for this with some unintentionally very funny scenes.

 Iczer 01

 Iczer 02

 Iczer 03

 Iczer 04
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