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Mega Man is a 27 episode children's cartoon released from 1994 to 1995 produced by Ruby-Spears ( "Thundarr", Sectaurs", "Rambo: Force for Freedom", Skysurfer Strike Force" ) with Capcom and Ashi Productions ("Dancougar", "Machine Robo", "Borgman"), and distributed by Summit Entertainment.

Robotic geniuses Dr. Light and Dr. Wily are working to create more human like robots. However, with the failure of their prototype, the two doctors have a falling out. Dr. Light is sure the problem is the fault of Dr. Wily's programming. The enraged Dr. Wily leaves the laboratory, steals their plans, and rebuilds the prototype as his own personal battle robot, ProtoMan, all with the nefarious intent to build a robot army and conquer the world!

While Wily rebuilds the prototype, Dr. Light builds other robots: a new version of the prototype, Rock; a girl maid robot to do housework (so long to He-Man's Captain of the Guard Teela, and TMNT's TV news reporter April O'Neil of the 1980s), Roll; and three more robots to steal blue-collar jobs (... or "to help mankind"): CutsMan, a logging robot; GutsMan, a construction robot; and IceMan, a robot that can cover things in ice (because making a robot version of Mortal Kombat's Sub-Zero is awesome!). Dr. Wily decides Light's new machines are just what he needs to get his robot army going, so he uses ProtoMan to steal them. However, using the power of lying and subterfuge, Rock and Roll are able to escape. Dr. Light rebuilds Rock into the battling 'bot that can copy any other robot's abilities, MegaMan (or Rockman... if you're Japanese) to protect humanity from Wily's evil villainy.

"Now, I've got your power!"

Based on Capcom's side-scrolling video-game series, MegaMan is a fast paced, action packed show of exciting battles and punning double entendre insults, complete with a great rockin' opening credits roll.

"Super Fighting Robot ... MegaMan!
Fighting to save ... the WORLD!"

 MegaMan 01

 MegaMan 02

 MegaMan 03

 MegaMan 04

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