Virus Buster Serge

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“Virus Buster Serge” is a 12 episode TV series from 1997.

2097 AD …
Neo Hong Kong is plagued by “Virus” an electronic message sent from an unknown alien species. Relayed by an abandoned space satellite base now used as the “Incubator”, Virus fuses human flesh and machines, transforming unsuspecting Neo Hong Kong citizens into giant cybernetic monsters. To quarantine and kill the infected, the greedy, corporately controlled government of the future, Zahinell, funds S.T.A.N.D., a futuristic police force armed with symbiotic Variable Gear suits. STAND is created and run by Raven, the only surviving scientist of the event known as Black Valentine, when the space station first received the alien transmission that led to the abandonment of the satellite, and, apparently, to the infection and deaths of all those who remained on board.

Raven waits for the man who can combine with the mysterious red Gear suit, Halcyon Scarlet. With no memory of his origin or past, living in the slums of Neo Hong Kong, Serge Train is plagued by flashes of memories from Dr. Milan Treyn, the dead lead scientist of Helio-Lab IV, the satellite station that became the Incubator’s; and by images of Milan’s deceased love, Donna. Confused by what seems to be Donna’s voice commanding him to kill Raven, Serge attacks Raven, but his failed assassination attempt results instead in his joining STAND as the red Gear suit pilot. Manipulated by the memories of the dead, Serge ultimately will travel to the abandoned space station, in order to confront the ghosts of the scientists who remained behind with the Incubator, and fulfill his fate, to save Neo Hong Kong and the entire world!

“VIRUS: servant of the Annihilator. VIRUS: without limits. VIRUS: linking eternity. VIRUS: the key to the end. VIRUS.”

Though relayed in a very obfuscatory manner, “Virus Buster Serge” tells the Director, Masami Obari’s typical tale of the next generation having to take on and fix the mistakes of their predecessors. Unfortunately, for all its cool mecha, badass heroes, and busty babes, the whole story acts as a set-up for a giant climactic battle… that ends as soon as it starts.

 Virus 01

 Virus 02

 Virus 03

 Virus 04
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