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"Angel Cop" is a 6 volume OVA, released in 1989. Its Character Designer was "pre-ski slope nose" Nobuteru Yuki ("Battle Royal High School", "Five Star Stories", "Lodoss War") and it was directed by Ichiro Itano ("Battle Royal High School", "Peacock King: Castle of Illusion", "Megazone 23: Part 2").

In the near future (late 1990s) Japan will become the number one economy in the world. Being number one will lead to terrorism, headed by undercover US government and corporate organizations, as well as rich Japanese businessmen who’ve sold out both their "samurai pride" and country to the Americans and the underlying International Jewish Conspiracy (Ah! If only Japan’s Nazi allies could see them now! Looks like the torch has been passed...). The only force that stands against this scum is the S.S.F. (The Special Security Force) a police force of highly trained killers, who are given jurisdiction to act above the law. Murder, torture, and mutilation are the methods they use to protect the Land of the Rising Sun. Will they be able to defeat "Lucifer", America’s super psychic human weapon of destruction?

The plot is a xenophobic mess, but the look is impressive. Maybe CG has had a negative effect on Anime’s ability to render gore, or Japanese animators have decided to mellow out after the country’s economic collapse, but they don’t seem to make cartoons like this anymore. Angel’s first scene in the Anime is a flash of a gun followed by a close-up of a woman’s head being blown apart. Blood shot eyeballs and brain matter are drawn with loving detail.

"The name’s Angel but I can be a bitch when I want to…" cue rock music.

 Angel Cop 01

 Angel Cop 02

 Angel Cop 03

 Angel Cop 04
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