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"Bleach" is an anime TV series. It first aired sometime in 2004 and is continuing in its second season.

"Bleach’s" lead character is Ichigo Kurosaki, a fifteen-year-old boy…who can see dead people. Apparently when you die you’re stuck wandering the streets of the living. If you become too attached to the world of the living, or you’re too consumed with regrets, you’ll become the “Hollow”, giant heartless soul eating monsters. Death sucks. The dead have to wait for the “Shinigami” (Death Gods) to send them to “Soul Society”, where they’ll spend the rest of their dead days being protected by the Shinigami from the Hollow.

Because of Ichigo’s “high soul power” (ability to see the dead), he is attacked by one of the Hollow. During this encounter he meets one of the Shinigami, Rukia Kuchiki. While Rukia tries to save Ichigo she’s injured. In order to defeat the monster, she plans to let Ichigo have some of her Shinigami powers, but during the transfusion of power all of Rukia’s powers are taken by Ichigo. Her power awakens Ichigo’s own inborn abilities, giving 15 year old Ichigo the potential to be *pause* THE GREATEST DEATH GOD EVER.

It’s alright, in season one; Ichigo fights Hollows; the viewer is introduced to his gang of buddies; and the two main characters become slowly attached to one another. This rehashed formulaic plot is handled well with comedic elements and is very enjoyable.

In season two, Rukia has been kidnapped and Ichigo has to rescue her before she’s executed by the Shinigami in Soul Society. In order to rescue her, Ichigo needs more training, and dead knickknack shop owner Urahara helps him out (Think "Dragon Ball Z"). Will Ichigo’s training be enough to conquer the 13 Shinigami squads; what are squad #3’s Captain Gin Ichimaru’s evil plans; and why do the Shinigami want to execute Rukia? Who knows, the anime hasn’t explained yet, it’s been too busy introducing 13 death squads. I’m waiting for Kenpachi’s (Mr. I can kick your ass just standing here and looking at you) rematch. As well as Mr. Luck, Ikkaku’s return.

(Update: After Ichigo’s trip to Soul Society the series turns into garbage. You’re introduced to cheeky stuffed toys and soul sucking vampires.)

 BLEACH 1.01

 BLEACH 1.02

 BLEACH 1.03

 BLEACH 1.04
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