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"Cybernetics Guardian", or "Sacred Beast Machine Cyguard", was made in 1989. It was directed by Koichi Ohata of "M.D. Geist" fame; who would later direct "Genocyber" (whose title presumably was taken from the villain’s mech in "Cyguard").

The futuristic city of Cyberwood has a problem. The problem is “Cancer”, the crime and poverty ridden slums of the city, where satanic like worshippers pray to their dark lord Doldo. In order to solve the Cancer problem the Security Guard Center, S.G.C., has come up with two competing plans.

A young scientist, Leyla, and her test-pilot boyfriend, John Stalker, present the first plan. Their plan is to save the city by non-violently subduing the violent influences within Cancer using “Astenite” energy. Dr. Adler, a competitive nutcase, heads the second plan. Adler plans on using his Genocyber killing machine to destroy Cancer, along with its inhabitants.

Competition takes control of Adler. There’s no way he’s going to let wuss boy John win his bid for taking care of Cancer, or have scientist babe Leyla. So when it looks like he’s going to lose, Adler sabotages the test demonstration of Leyla’s Astenite power suit. During the demonstration the suit explodes, but Adler’s nefarious plan backfires; John’s latent supernatural powers are awakened. He is kidnapped by the Doldo cult and forced into one of their giant mechanized "god" suits. We find out that John isn’t the pathetic wuss that he appears to be. No. In fact he’s originally from Cancer and he’s been bred to be the Doldo cult’s god of destruction, Saldo.

The Doldo worshipers try to use John, but they can’t (something like: he’s too strong and he is empowered by his love for Leyla). Now, with the immense power of Saldo, John must retrieve Leyla and take care of Adler. In the end it’s mano a mano (Mecha a Mecha) between Genocyber/Adler and Saldo/John.

This cartoon is under appreciated (last time I checked it was a 3.8 out of 10 on IMDB). It’s great. Girl looks at boy, boy looks at girl, followed by primal roar and suggestive Japanese Rock. Fun.

 Cyguard 01

 Cyguard 02

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 Cyguard 04
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