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"Advancer Tina" is a 50-minute OVA from 1997. Hironobu Saito, its character designer, was an animation director and key animator for "Rurouni Kenshin", as well as animation director for part of "Thunder Jet/Ginga Sengoku Gunyuuden Rai"; and its mecha design was done by Kenji Teraoka, "Thunder Jet’s" mech designer, who would go on to design "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex", "Code Geass", and "Gundam 00’s" Mechs.

New Space Century Year 3113...
thirty-years after the destruction of Earth’s environment and the establishment of the Allied Earth Government to watch over off-world colonies, the exploratory arm of the intergalactic government, the Domestic Union of Arms, or DUA, still searches for new habitable planets with the aid of space traveling explorers called Advancers. One of these Advancers is the tough-as-nails icy blond, Tina Owen.

After rotting for a little over six-months of a two-thousand year jail sentence, handed down for destroying an entire planet, Tina is about to be set loose. Mugal, of the DUA’s Development Department, has come to Women’s Prison Planet M-99 in order to deploy Tina to planet Omega-13. Though seemingly able to support human life, with a survival rate percentage of 1.75 for previous explorers, Omega-13 is a virtual death sentence. Presented with the offer of freedom if she finds a part of the planet that is actually safe, the caged Tina chooses almost certain death and a hot shower over the dark solitude and grime of her dank prison cell. With a rag-tag crew of an orphaned half-alien girl, Frill/Furiru, and a vengeance seeking drifter, Akira Sato; accompanied by Garuda, a rival scavenger looking to capitalize on deserted gold mines; Tina will soon discover the life-eating monstrosities that lie beneath Omega-13’s surface.

... giant, green, alien plant phalluses that seek to gang rape and mutilate women... I’d never guess that would be the scourge of the universe.

It seemed like someone really wanted to create a horror/sci-fi movie and was stuck with the job of having to make an animated porno. For a one-shot Hentai OVA, "Advancer Tina" has a lot to offer, such as: a decent story setup, motivating background stories and interpersonal relationships for its characters, and a purely wholesome mother-daughter type relationship between Tina and Frill. It also features beautiful, detailed character design, many elaborate painted backgrounds, and intricately rendered mechanical designs. Unfortunately, the show is ultimately brought low by its obligatory but poorly integrated abusive and non-abusive sex scenes; very stilted, choppy animation; continuity errors; and its much too quick, abrupt pacing.

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