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"CB (said chibi) Chara Go Nagai World" is a three part TV special from 1990.

Akira Fudo awakens to find that his world has been “chibified”; that he and his friends have been turned into diminutive dwarfs! How can the awesome, gruesome demon fights of Devilman continue with big headed shrimps? How will he be able to pull off badass posturing with his micronized stature? The horror!! What can be done?

After having a falling out with his best friend Ryo, a.k.a. Satan, he teams up with Koji (of "Mazinger Z") to uncover the truth behind his current state, and of the universe he now inhabits. Why does a dimension of midgets lorded over by a happy-faced caricature of Go Nagai exist?

A fan-pleasing parody that combines three of the most famous Manga/Comics (or maybe “worlds” is the right word in this case) created by Go Nagai: the super hero-esc “Devil World”, the mechanized robot “Mazinger World”, and the post-apocalyptic wasteland of “Violence Jack” (although this last one is really a cheat, done as a nonviolent adapted rehash of “Devil World”). Though it is a pun-filled spoof of Go Nagai’s works, this Anime really pays homage to them. It is, for the most part, faithful to the personalities and relationships in the originals. And even though these beloved, archetypical, characters are rendered cute, silly, and funny, they are further developed and even given back stories (Jinmen, the salary-man and father!).

 CB GoNagai Devilman 01

 CB GoNagai Devilman 02

 CB GoNagai Devilman 03

 CB GoNagai Devilman 04
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