Shurato, Tenku Senki

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"Tenku Senki Shurato" was released in 1989. I don’t think it was released in the US.

Sixteen-year-old martial-arts rivals and friends Shurato and Gai disappear in the middle of a tournament. Unbeknownst to them they aren’t really everyday people. When they disappeared they were brought back to their original forms, pseudo-Hindu-Buddhist warrior gods, and transported to a pseudo-Hindu-Buddhist world called Tenkuukai.

All is not well in Tenkuukai; very soon they’ll be invaded by the Asura armies (hordes of ugly bad guys headed by Shiva). To protect Hindu-Buddhist Land, the all-powerful Vishnu (now a bodacious female babe, instead of a blue guy) has summoned Gai and Shurato to join the armored warrior god team known as the Hachibushu. Unknown to Vishnu there is a traitor in her midst. Her right hand man, Indrah, has been taken over by dark Sohma (the dark side). Indrah turns Gai into a homicidal maniac bent on destroying Shurato, and he turns Vishnu into stone. Then, using his position, Indrah takes over Tenkuukai.

Indrah convinces half the Hachibushu that Vishnu was turned to stone by Shurato. The other half join Shurato to stop Indrah’s nefarious schemes. Split in two, the Hachibushu fight amongst themselves as Indrah prepares to hand Tenkuukai over to the Asura! Will Shurato be able to break Indrah’s control over Gai, save Vishnu, and bring peace to Tenkuukai before the Asura attack? I don’t know. I never got to the end. The downloadable episodes stopped and I haven’t bought the Hong Kong bootleg set.

The plot is average Shonen (Boy) Anime. "Tenku Senki Shurato" features pretty people beating the heck out of each other. It’s from the late eighties, so it has become somewhat obscure, but it has a small fan group among Otaku. Gai is cool; when he goes bad, he mugs EVILLY.

 Shurato 01

 Shurato 02

 Shurato 03

 Shurato 04
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