Urotsukidoji: Overfiend

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"Urotsukidoji" is an OAV series based on a manga by Toshio Maeda ( "La Blue Girl") which was later cut and edited together to create 3 or 4 movies which were released in the US in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

There are three universes: the human word, the demon world, and the half-man half-demon world. Every 3000 years the Chojin, a superhuman/demon creature, comes to combine and remake these worlds. While the legend of the Chojin is one of unity among these worlds, the dark side of the legend is that, before the Chojin is born, all three worlds must be eliminated.

A nerdy, voyeuristic student, with no real skills, is really an all-powerful god of destruction. Nagumo is a loser. He pleasures himself by looking in girls’ locker rooms, and he dreams of being the popular girl’s boyfriend. However, unbeknownst to him, he may be the Chojin. And he posseses demon powers and abilities far beyond that of any creature ever dreamed of. After coming into contact with half-human half-demon Amano, Nagumo slowly loses control of himself and becomes a monster, destined to destroy the world with his giant, laser firing…Ummm… things.

The director and the writer, Hideki Takayama and Sho Aikawa (a co-creator and a screenplay writer respectively for "Angel Cop", btw), must have been rejected by every woman on the face of the planet to make this cartoon. This is the most misogynistic thing I have ever seen. Whenever there is any down-time in the movie, beautiful women appear out of nowhere (they’re all evil, sex crazed, witches). Then they’re raped by demons and they explode (I don’t know how or why, they just do. Pop! followed by blood and guts). Nagumo’s girl, Akemi, isn’t even a character. She’s a whiney, pathetic, idiot. The ultimate sacrifice for love in this film is her playing with herself while she’s whimpering and crying. I think I probably should have felt sickened or disgusted with this cartoon, but it was just so stupid that I couldn’t. It starts with this ridiculous echo voice saying; “Foolish humans…” and it has the best response to a character getting his arm ripped off, “No big deal. Counter Strike!”
"Urotsukidoji" should be viewed as, at best, satire, and at worst, a bad joke. I like to call this series: “Urotsukidoji: Die Evil Controlling Castrating Bitch, DIE!”

 Overfiend 01

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Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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