Iria: Zeiram

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“Iria: Zeiram the Animation” released in 1994 is a 6-volume OVA prequel to a pair of low budget, schlock sci-fi action films from 1991 and 1994 titled “Zeiram” and “Zeiram 2”. The “Iria” series Art Director, Yoshimi Umino, also did art direction for “Blue Seed”, and “Tekkaman Blade”; the original character designs were by Masakazu Katsura, the creator of "Wingman" and "Video Gil Ai"; and the Director, Tetsuro Amino, was a director on “SPT Layzner”.

In a different world, called Myce, bounty hunters Glen (Gren) and Bob are called in to respond to a reported spaceship hijacking. Hired by the Tedan Tippedai Corporation (think: an other world subsidiary of Weyland-Yutani), they’re charged with the mission to rescue the ship’s passengers and secure its cargo before government troops are called in to handle the situation. However, the same company also sends troops to cancel the assignment, and stop the rescue mission. While fighting back corporate minions, and racing to the starship, Bob and Glen are joined by Glen’s younger sister, the novice bounty hunter, Iria.

On the spaceship Karma, the trio discover that there’s been no hijacking. The “cargo” has taken over the ship. Instead of securing the ship’s load, they must fight against Tedan Tippedai’s secret alien weapon, the unstoppable mutant killer, Zeiram. Unable to halt the creature, Bob is fatally wounded; and, in order to protect Iria and the fleeing passengers, Glen sacrifices himself by blowing up the entire starship. Despite these actions, Zeiram lives. It’s up to Iria, along with the help of a young, mischievous orphan, Kei; the disgruntled bounty hunter, Fujikuro; the seemingly disembodied voice of her brother, Glen; and the already dead, Bob (whose consciousness has been uploaded into a corporate computer data bank); to stop the monster before all of Myce is doomed!

A kickass anime classic of sci-fi mecha, and gruesome alien monsters. And though the underlying plot and theme, as well the opening setup (not to mention Zeiram’s little extending face), seem very similar to the American “Alien” movies, “Iria: Zeiram the Animation” features great ornate, Asian / Middle-Eastern, domed designs combined with Space Age / Fantasy weaponry… and looks like nothing else.

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