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“Sol Bianca” is a two volume OVA from 1990-1991. There was a six-volume OVA prequel, “Sol Bianca: the Legacy”, made in 2000. All the cels here are from the 1990s OVA.

The most powerful spaceship in the universe, the Sol Bianca, is home to an all female group of space pirates, consisting of: three beautiful women, a cute little girl, and a pretty teenager. The crew, Janny, Feb, April, May, and June (what happened to March?), travel the universe kicking-ass and taking whatever they want (sweet!).

After making off with its cargo, and then blowing-up a space-freighter, the Sol Bianca Space Pirates discover something unexpected in their treasure haul… a super-cute little boy stowaway, Rim. Rim wants to go to the planet Tres to save his mommy from the evil emperor Batros, who rules over Tres and has enslaved Rim’s homeworld, “Uno” (what happened to Dos?). Normally, these badass babes wouldn’t help cute little fuzzy things (yeah… right) but they find an excuse to get involved when Rim mentions that Batros has the perfect item to be plundered, the Gnosis (a valuable artifact from a long lost planet). The team decides to help Rim and teach Batros that his big “manly” spaceship is no match for the very female Sol Bianca.

As stated on ADV’s VHS box, “Even in the future, the female is still the deadlier of the species.”

The first OVA is great lighted-hearted action fun (although there is one shocking scene of a man getting his arms cut-off) with entertaining banter between members of the Sol Bianca crew and touching interaction with Rim. The second volume of the ’90s OVA is an opening to a longer story which was never completed. It seemed like an unsuccessful attempt at trying to turn enjoyable archetypes into more morose “in-depth” characters. But it has many well-done, breezy action (and a few fun crew interaction) scenes.

I was bored after watching the first video of “Sol Bianca: the Legacy”. I liked the look of the 2000 opening; but it had a terrible song, and the un-involving plot didn’t give me a good enough reason to make me want to finish the series. “The Legacy” turned ex- supermodel Janny’s body into a wanna-be Arnold Schwarzenegger’s (both OVA series list the same character designer, Naoyuki Onda of "Maryu Senki", and "Legend of the Galactic Heroes" and "Ai no Kusabi" fame; but this was a lousy character design change), and it was much slower-paced than the original. With no US DVD release, and a disappointing OVA sequel (prequel) with mixed reviews, “Sol Bianca” has gone from, “North American fan voted, 1993 Anime-Expo’s best new OVA”, to half-remembered, bargain-bin treasure.

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