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“Midnight Eye Goku” is a two volume OVA from 1989. It’s directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri (Director of “Wicked City”, “Cyber City Oedo”, and Neo Tokyo’s “Running Man”), and based on a manga by Buichi Terasawa (Original Creator of “Karasu Tengu Kabuto”, and “Space Adventure Cobra”).

2014 AD…
Tokyo has become an overpopulated city filled with “selfish people”. Huge towering skyscrapers are built to house them, as they disregard nature’s warning of constant earthquakes--a foreshadowing of their fast approaching doom.

Ex-police officer cum private detective, Goku Furinji, has returned to his old metropolitan police station after the apparent suicide of his best former partner, Tajima. As part of a special investigatory force, Tajima, and five other promising officers, were assigned to look into the actions of sleazy night club and gambling house owner, Genji Hakuryu, for signs of illegal international arms dealing. Tajima’s isn’t the only suicide; in fact, all but one member of the team commits “suicide”. Goku’s one-time Chief warns him to stay out of police business, but as they say in the 1941 movie, “The Maltese Falcon”: “When a man’s partner is killed, he’s supposed to do something about it.”

Goku teams up with the last member of the squad, the beautiful Yoko Yazaki, and sneaks into Hakuryu’s heavily defended, computer controlled stronghold. After Goku’s intrusion is discovered, he’s beaten up and dumped before Hakuryu, whereupon they have a little badass chat:
“I guess detectives now act like rats.”
“To catch a rat in a sewer, I have to lower myself to the level of a rat.”

He meets Hakuryu’s henchmen, one of whom is a woman who grabs men’s attention with her sexuality, and then controls their minds with the eyes on her implanted, cybernetic, peacock feather tail. Goku breaks her spell by shoving a knife into his left eye, but then drives off a highway bridge in order to avoid broadsiding a gasoline tanker.

“Open both your eyes…”
“I’m sorry. I ate my left eye for breakfast.”

Furinji awakens to find himself on an operating table, as a disembodied omnipotent voice tells him that his left eye has been replaced with an optical computer that accepts thought and voice commands and can control any computer on Earth (or in orbit). Hakuryu’s high-rise “castle” will become his own death trap. Scum of Tokyo beware...
“Dies Irae” (the Day of Wrath) has come for you!

A badass late 1980s to early ’90s Anime, skirting the edge of self-parody, and sporting that film noir look of Madhouse Studios’ OVAs and movies from that era. Goku is the classic, hard-ass, old-school pulp hero who could pick his teeth with the pissant protagonists of later, more popular “harem” and “moe” Anime.

 Goku 01

 Goku 02

 Goku 03

 Goku 04

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Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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