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"Gasaraki" is a 1998 anime TV series consisting of 25 episodes. It's Directed by Mecha Master, Ryōsuke Takahashi ( "Votoms", "Layzner", etc.), who was also one of its creators.

You may believe that the world is controlled by the relationships between different countries, and that the News Media gives you information, but you’d be wrong. The News and the political relationships between countries are pure fiction. What you see and hear is what powerful companies want you to see and hear. Wars are fought solely to test new military weaponry for the amusement of a few government stooges and for the financial gain of powerful companies (conspiracy theorists, rejoice!).

The most powerful business in Japan is Gowa Industries, headed by the Gowa family. Yushiro is the youngest brother in the family, and the family’s tool in understanding the mysteries of the Gasara-ki. An ancient Noh dance ritual, passed down through the generations of Gowa, from a time before recorded history, allows those who are Invitators (like Yushiro) to converse with an alien power, and merge with giant mechanized suits of traditional Samurai armor. If the Gowa family, under the control of Yushiro’s evil older brother Kazukiyo, can access the power of the Gasaraki, they’ll have the power to control not just Japan, but the entire world. Angst ridden Yushiro and his girlfriend Miharu (also an Invitator, but working for an American company) must resist the controlling influences of the Gowa family, the American Government, and Space Aliens in order to save the world from evil convoluted forces.

The opening sequence in "Gasaraki" is super cool; the look, the music, everything is top notch. The attention to detail in both the backgrounds and the Mechs (Tactical Armor) is amazing throughout the series. The use of menacing camera angles also gives the series an overall creepy feel. The plot combined giant robots, aliens, cloning, Noh dance, Samurai, super computers, immigration issues, the world commodities market, and teen angst. Consequently, the plot is a complete mess. Also, way too much time was devoted to the supposed testing of military robots. After awhile, I felt like screaming, “I don’t care what the BS testing data was for the fictional robot. Get to some plot, atmosphere, action!”

"Gasaraki" works best when it’s being secretive and moody, allowing us to enjoy the mystery, and the stylish filmmaking.

 Gasaraki 01

 Gasaraki 02

 Gasaraki 03

 Gasaraki 04
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