MegaZone 23: Part 1

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"MegaZone 23" (said Mega Zone Two Three) is an OVA which was first released in 1985. There were also two sequels, "MegaZone 23: Part 2", released in 1986, and "MegaZone 23: Part 3", released in 1989.

The original “MegaZone 23” was directed by Noboru Ishiguro, Chief Director on “Macross”, and Animation Director on “Phoenix 2772”. Character designs were done by Toshihiro Hirano, Director of “Fight! Iczer-1”, “Hades Project Zeorymer”, and “Dangaioh”, and Haruhiko Mikimoto, Character Designer on “Macross”, “Salamander”, and “Hi-Speed Jecy”.

Living a meaningless life of perfunctory pleasure in 1980s Japan, biker punk Shogo Yahagi is ill prepared to confront the truth of his existence. He’s not living in the 1980s nor is he in Japan. Apparently mankind destroyed Earth’s environment sometime in the ’80s and all human survivors were sent into space. To keep everyone calm, the world’s Governments erased people’s memories of this. Mankind was supposed to have remained completely ignorant of this situation, happily living a lie in a giant space ship, MegaZone23, controlled by a computer program masquerading as a Japanese Pop-idol, Eve.

When the military (which was never planned to even exist in this peaceful, artificial world) of MegaZone 23 discovers humanity’s plight, instead of telling everyone what’s really going on, General B.D. decides to use this information to take over the spaceship by taking over the computers. To hack into the computer code, they build a computer access key into a… SUPER COOL, ULTRA FAST, GIANT ROBOT TRANSFORMING MOTORCYCLE (that’s exactly what I would do!). Shogo’s military test-driver friend, Shinji, steals the bike (code name: Garland). When his friend is killed, Shogo escapes on the Garland. While being hunted by the military, Shogo must somehow tell the inhabitants of MegaZone what is really going on before the coup d'état.

The story continues in “MegaZone 23: Part 2”!

 MegaZone 23: Pt1 01

 MegaZone 23: Pt1 02

 MegaZone 23: Pt1 03

 MegaZone 23: Pt1 04
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