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“Gall Force” is a series of Anime movies and OVAs released from 1986 through 1992: “Eternal Story” (1986), “Destruction” (1987), “Stardust War” (1988), “Rhea Gall Force” (1989), “Earth” (1989-90), and “New Era” (1991-92); along with a super deformed parody special, “Ten Little Gall Force” (1988). It was based on a model-kit comic featured in the Japanese magazine “Model Graphix”. The Anime were directed by Katsuhito Akiyama (“Ai no Kusabi”, “Bubblegum Crisis”, “Sol Bianca”, “Peacock King”), and feature character designs by Kenichi Sonoda (“Bubblegum Crisis”, “Gunsmith Cats”, “Riding Bean”). In 1996, the series was further continued with the 4 volume OVA, “The Revolution”, but I haven’t yet watched it.

Long ago, deep in Space, two alien races fought each other across the Universe; the all male, liquid body, mechanoid symbiote, Paranoid, and the all female, humanoid, Solnoid. With the two races’ completion of the plasma cannon, Planet Destroyer, the final outcome of mutual destruction was assured, but one final plan for survival existed, Mission 21: the Species Unification Plan. Representatives of both sides went behind their own militaries, and chose the crew of the spaceship Star Leaf ; Captain Eluza, First Officer Rabby, Pilot Lufy, Bridge Officer Patty, Computer Expert Pony, Android Catty, and “Little Girl” Rumy, as unaware test subjects to create a new life form. And so, while the Solnoid and Paranoid were wiped out, Man was created, and inherited the planet Earth, along with the lone Solnoid survivor, Rumy.

Millennia after the destruction of the Solnoids and Paranoids, in 2085 AD, ancient Solnoid data left on the Moon enabled humanity to create biomechanical robots, the MME (think Skynet). Poisoned by the inherent anger and hatred found within mankind, the MME attempted to replace their creators, by taking advantage of a third World War to set off a series of cataclysmic SVE nuclear strikes, leaving Earth a barren post-apocalyptic wasteland. A small group of survivors left for Mars with the alien data to recreate the Planet Destroyer, while the rest of humanity was left on the planet to eek out their survival and fight a losing war against the machines. It’s up to the reincarnations of the Star Leaf Crew to put an end to the war, before Mars Base sends their plasma cannon to further devastate our World.

In “New Era”, many years after the war, remnants of the mechanical MME leader, GORN, still exist within the rebuilt cities, and a new form of humanity is born, the “Yuman”. GORN enacts a planetary meltdown that wipes out all of mankind… save for yet another new generation of Star Leaf Crew reincarnations. Led by the rebuilt Android Catty, they leave our Solar System to find a new planet, thus setting things up for “Gall Force’s” endlessly repeating cycle of destruction and rebirth.

It’s a Sci-Fi Anime, Origin and History of Man mythos -- done like the bastard offspring of the battling babes of “Bubblegum Crisis” and the genetics driven science fiction of “MOSPEADA”. The millennia long narrative is impressive and fairly unique for Anime, but the way that this perpetually reincarnated all female crew created the original “Man” is very geeky, and leaves me chuckling.

 Gall Force 01

 Gall Force 02

 Gall Force 03

 Gall Force 04
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Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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