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"Speed Racer" is a TV series from 1967, originally aired in Japan under the name “Mach Go Go Go” (a play on Speed’s original name, Go Mifune; the English word “go”; and the Japanese word for the number 5, “go”).

Our hero is Speed Racer of the Racer family. The Racer family is a family of, not surprisingly, racecar builders and drivers. Speed’s father, Pops Racer’s, ultimate achievement in racecar building is the Mach 5, a racing machine faster than any other automobile, equipped to drive in any environment, even underwater. At first, Pops fears for his son Speed, because of the dangers of race car driving, and also because his first son, Rex, left home after a racing accident, and an argument about the skill and maturity needed to be a professional racecar driver. After a little subterfuge, Speed enters his first professional race, and proves he has what it takes to be a racer. The series follows his exciting adventures around the world with his younger brother, Spritle; the family pet chimp, Chim-Chim; and Speed’s helicopter flying girlfriend, Trixie; as he races against other drivers, like Zoomer Slick; helps police detective, Inspector Detector; and investigates strange organizations with the help of the mysterious agent and racing rival, Racer X.

The hippest Anime of the 1960s; bright primary colors, great ’60s futuristic racecar designs, fun Dickensian sounding names, and peppy music. My favorite episodes are “Race for Revenge” (“The Melange still races.”), “The Fastest Car on Earth” (“When we planted Ben Cranium 5 years ago, after that terrible crash, we planted the GRX along with him; but it was a mistake, I should of destroyed it with my own hands!”), and “Car with a Brain” (“At last the monster car has come to Life! Haha! Lightning, keep on giving power to my car!”). Here are some cels, backgrounds, and drawings from the original 1960s TV show, as well as production materials from advertisements and later TV specials that feature the original designs. Enjoy!

 Speed Racer 01

 Speed Racer 02

 Speed Racer 03

 Speed Racer 04
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