Golden Boy

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"Golden Boy" is a six volume OVA series, which was released in 1995.

On the outside, Kintaro Oe looks worthless. In all aspects of his existence, he appears to be the loser, scum of the earth. However, if you were to assume this to be fact, you’d be wrong. Because despite his outward appearance, Kintaro Oe is actually: The Greatest Man Alive, with the ability to do anything, if given the chance.

Through the six episodes of "Golden Boy", you follow Kintaro, The Golden Boy, on his adventures in the workplace, dealing with every fetishized, fantasized, fictitious female character ever used in anime. They’re all here; the big-busted blonde, the juvenile schoolgirl tease, the sweet innocent “kid sister” type, the dominatrix, the proper lady who’s really a dirty nymphomaniac, and the “girl next door”. Kintaro Oe “studies” and takes notes on all of them before leaving and moving on to the next one. These women, who for the most part first view Kintaro as a nuisance, come to the realization at the end of each episode that the man they really want and need is (surprise!): Kintaro. But by the time this happens, he’s already gone.

Men everywhere on the planet (including me) will find this hilarious. Everything in this cartoon makes strange pseudo-sense...well, except for the toilet fetish, that’s just too weird. Women, however, will likely conclude that Darwin made a mistake in “Origin of the Species”. Man never really “evolved” from Apes, because he obviously still is one.

 GoldenBoy 1

 GoldenBoy 2

 GoldenBoy 3

 GoldenBoy 4
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