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“Hurricane Polymar” or “Hurricane Polymar: Holy Blood” is Tatsunoko Production’s 2 volume OVA, 1996 remake of their 1970s TV cartoon, "Hurricane Polymar". Its first class opening credits sequence celebrates the stylized comic roots of superhero Anime. The theme song, the colors, and the character designs are updated and yet reminiscent of the1970s, showing a continuity between the decades.

Strict, over-controlling parent, and Tokyo-Plus Police Chief, Onigawara has three sons, Masaru, Takeshi, and Tomoru. After the three sons grow into manhood, they take different paths in life. Masaru becomes a police officer, and acts as lapdog to their father’s every wish; Takeshi couldn’t take the pressure, and became an apprentice to a no-talent detective, Joe Kuruma, who lives in a dilapidated building that is literally falling apart around them; and Tomoru, fed-up with both his father and mankind in general, is now known as Pulsar, and heads a group of über environmental nutcases, who engage in strange experiments to change themselves into fish-men (that would be the wrong coping mechanism). This group of fish-men, known as Plutos, proclaims themselves the new rightful rulers of Earth, and engages in a war against mankind. The first city they attack is Tokyo-Plus.

The only threat to Plutos is the super suit called Polymar, which can increase the strength of those who wear it, as well as allow them to transform their bodies into airplanes or submarines. The creator, Dr. Oregar, and his assistant, Ryoko, are both killed and their work is destroyed by Plutos. Before they die, Ryoko sends one (now the last) Polymar suit to Takeshi, her old college friend. After donning the Polymar helmet, Takeshi learns of Plutos’ evil schemes by a message recorded into it. He vows to avenge Ryoko, and fight against Plutos, as the superhero: Hurricane Polymar. “Where there is vice in the world, the anger of justice calls me!”

The OVA plot was pretty good, but coming at the end of Tatsunoko’s ’90s cartoon hero remakes (“Tekkaman Blade”, “Casshan: Robot Hunter”, “Gatchaman”) and given only two episodes, it didn’t go on long enough for the major conflict between the brothers and their father, or even the conflict between just the brothers themselves, to reach any kind of climax. Nor was there a satisfactory conclusion or denouement to the story. Still, the action scenes were fast, and the animation, while limited, was stylish. There’s also a lot of wild humor and silly names that, while sometimes seeming jarring, lightens the mood of this superhero cartoon.

Also, I think Tatsunoko studios copied their own body changing super hero idea of "Hurricane Polymar" in their newer anime "Karas".

 Hurricane Polymar 01

 Hurricane Polymar 02

 Hurricane Polymar 03

 Hurricane Polymar 04
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