Legend of Lemnear

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“Legend of Lemnear: Jet Black Wings of Valkisas” is a one shot 45-minute OVA from 1989. Character designs for the show were done by the renowned hentai/smut artbook artist, Satoshi Urushihara.

In a fantasy land of monsters, prophecies, and magic, the Dark Lord and “Champion of Gold”, Varohl, seeks to subjugate and then destroy humanity--as retribution for being cast out of the World of Men and into the dark Forest of Sorcery. To do this he needs the power of the Champion of Silver, Lemnear. In search of this power, he sends out his armies and right-hand-man (literally made from his right arm) the vile wizard Gardien, to scour the country for her.

As foretold by the blind sage Vuan …

With her village destroyed, her parents killed, and the warrior of good, Messhu, the Champion of Bronze, imprisoned by the monstrous marauding armies of the Champion of Gold; Lemnear vows vengeance against Gardien. And, since he’s really just an arm, by default she wants revenge against Varohl. The three metal champions eventually meet up in Varohl’s aerial fortress, Valkisas (a giant floating skull!), to fight for the fate of Mankind.

Brain dead, cheesy, sleazy fun! Though hokey, hackneyed, and clichéd, “Legend of Lemnear” features very detailed (sometimes pretty, at other times appropriately hideous) character, background, and monster designs. The story, though frequently drifted away from and told very badly, wasn’t quite as bad as “Plastic Little”, another pervy
(but not all out porn) anime that features Urushihara’s signature design work.

 Lemnear 01

 Lemnear 02

 Lemnear 03

 Lemnear 04
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Curator: guyvariii
Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

Presentation 8.65/10   Collection 9.12/10   Overall 8.70/10   Votes 65 votes
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