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"Project A-Ko" is a series of four movies, plus two OVAs, which started in 1986.

In the near future, a giant spacecraft will crash into Japan and destroy an entire city. Sixteen years later, using the wreckage of the ship, the city will be rebuilt as a bustling metropolis, "Graviton City" (much of "Macross" is here). In the city, seemingly average schoolgirls A-Ko and C-Ko are attending their first day of class at Graviton High.

During their classroom introductions, bad, brilliant, bodacious babe, B-Ko, takes notice of A-Ko and C-Ko, and immediately becomes enthralled with C-Ko. C-Ko, in all her infantilized, dimwitted, temper-tantrum throwing glory, must be B-Ko’s! B-Ko's only problem is A-Ko, C-Ko’s simple, yet super strong, "More powerful than a locomotive," friend.

While A-Ko and B-Ko battle it out for C-Ko in a series of brain vs. brawn battles, which parody many different 1980s Anime ’bots and model kits (there is much of Max Factory here), an advanced group of alien women, who look like men, come to earth in search of their long lost princess.

When the aliens discover that their princess is C-Ko, they kidnap her. A-Ko and B-Ko call a truce to their epic girl-on-girl property destroying battle, in order to save C-Ko from a drunken female Captain Harlock.

As a series, "Project A-Ko" is a slapstick parody of almost every late 1970s through 1980s Anime. Yet unlike most anime parodies, the character designs, mecha, and animation look great (must be a result of Japan having too much money in the 1980s). This anime answers that important question: If "Captain Harlock" fought "Gundam", “Yamato”, and "Area 88", who would win? Great fun to watch!

 A-KO 01

  A-KO 02

 A-KO 03

  A-KO 04
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Curator: guyvariii
Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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