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"Street Fighter II: the Movie" is a 98 minute movie from 1994, based on the long running Capcom fighting game series.

The film opens in the middle of a fight between Ryu and Sagat. While the two are pummeling each other, the fight is being watched, via a transmission from a video monitoring cyborg, by someone else-- Bison (Vega in the Japanese version), the mysterious head of "Shadow Law", the most powerful underworld organization. Through some kind of mumbo-jumbo, Bison can rate a fighter’s "fighting potential", and Ryu is destined to be one of the World’s Most Powerful Fighters.

Bison wants Ryu as an enforcer for Shadow Law, but after the fight (in which Ryu beats the crap out of Sagat) Ryu walks on, continuing his endless quest to find and challenge more powerful fighters. Because of the random wandering nature of Ryu’s journey, Bison can’t find him, so he kidnaps and brainwashes the closest person to Ryu, his… ummm… "Dojo Brother"… Ken Masters.

While he is busily searching for Ryu, an Interpol investigation team made up of Agent Chun-Li and American Air Force Captain Guile is pursuing Bison. Opposing them are Bison’s minions: Vega (Balrog in the Japanese version), Balrog (Bison in Japanese) and Sagat (who gets to keep the same name for reasons unknown). These fighters meet up with each other, and with additional fighters, in a series of badass animated fights featuring moves and kiai from the games.

This whole movie is an excuse to animate characters hitting each other. Nudity and bloody scenes were edited out of the US release; but the US release also added a much better soundtrack to the movie, replacing the original forgettable, pompous synthesizer crap with driving metal bands including KMFDM, Silverchair, Alice in Chains, and KoRn. And the dialog was also improved with the addition of fun, juvenile insults like, "…Buffalo, or whatever your name is-- you’re full of it!"; tried and true trash talk like, "…we’ve got something to do first… like taking out the trash!"; and sadistic sexist badguy statements like, "My hobby is to slowly peel the skin off the rabbits I catch… especially cute little bunnies like YOU!"; perfect for this type of flick. It's an AWESOME ride!

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