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“Yōtōden” is a three volume OVA from 1988. It’s directed by Osamu Yamasaki, Creator/Director of "Takegami: Guardian of Darkness"; who did the script for the modern day ninja action anime, “Akai Hayate”, and who also directed the 2007 TV version of the classic Sci-fi space opera, “Toward the Terra”.

In the latter part of the 16th century, Oda Nobunaga is seeking the unification of Japan through military conquest, and to this end he’s using any means at his disposal, even allying himself with the demonic Host of Oboro. The one thing known to him that stands between him and total domination of Japan is: The Legend of Yotoden.

Three mystic blades, a Kodachi, a Katana, and a Yari, handed down through many generations of the three houses of Shadow Ninja, are fated to bring about the destruction of Nobunaga’s vision. To stop this legend from coming to fruition, he destroys these ninja kingdoms. However, fate cannot be so easily averted; and the decimation of the Kasumi, Hyuga, and Hagakure no Sato (villages) merely acts to bring the once separated three weapons together. The wielders of these powerful tools are: Ayame/Ayanosuke, Sakon, and Ryoma; each one from a different school, and all three destined to avenge their fallen comrades.

Concealed amongst and concurrently pursued alongside the goals of both the Shadow Ninjas and Nobunaga, is the dream of Ranmaru. A demon from another world, he orchestrates and seeks to use the convergence of the revenge of the Shadow Ninja, with the cosmic event of a celestial comet, to tear open a portal to the demon world in order to release his monstrous brethren upon a war ravaged Japan. The only hope for feudal Japan is for our three ninjas to overcome the seemingly impossible odds of defeating a virtually invincible demon god!

Though its plot is somewhat convoluted, "Yotoden" is very enjoyable; featuring a badass babe, a conflicted hero, hordes of gruesome monsters, gory ninja action, doomed tragic love, and darkly beautiful backgrounds and character designs.

 Yotoden 01

 Yotoden 02

 Yotoden 03

 Yotoden 04
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