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“City Hunter” is a TV series from 1987; a second TV series from 1988; a third TV series from 1989; a movie from 1989, ".357 Magnum"; an OVA from 1990, "Bay City Wars"; a second OVA from 1990, "Million Dollar Conspiracy"; a fourth TV series from 1991; a TV Special from 1996, "The Secret Service"; a second TV Special from 1997, "Goodbye My Sweetheart" (released here as "City Hunter: The Motion Picture" - cels from this are in a separate section here); and a third TV Special from 1999, "Death of the Vicious Criminal Ryo Saeba" (also in a separate section, here); all of it based on a 1980s-90s Manga.

“City Hunter” follows the exploits of unlicensed Private Eyes for hire, Ryo Saeba (City Hunter), and Kaori Makimura. The team is hired to work on the “gray” side of the law doing bodyguarding, missing persons, and other forms of personal investigation for clients. Ryo Saeba is the cliché macho, tough yet caring, guy mimicked from the pages of Raymond Chandler; but he’s also a super geeky pervert. When he’s not listening to his clients’ (mostly hot bodacious babes) troubles, or protecting them from vicious villains; he’s drilling holes in walls, peeking under skirts, and groping them, all for the sake of … “pitching a tent” (hard-on). To control his unstoppable tendencies to go pervy, his partner, Kaori, materializes huge 100-ton mallets, which she uses (ala Looney Tunes) to smash Ryo through multiple building floors, and into the ground. The super skilled yet silly slapstick team is friends with castrating policewoman, Saeko; her sister and rival Private Eye, Reika; huge muscle guy, Umibozu; and coffee shop owner, Miki, who seems to be able to do almost anything, yet usually does nothing.

Male wish fulfillment, Ryo does a lot of the stupid pervy things guys wish they could do when faced with beautiful sexy women, and comes off as silly and fun loving, rather than creepy and weird (how cool is that! *ehem*). Although Ryo is deep down, not so secretly, a one woman man for Kaori. City Hunter has some of the best female (and I guess male) character designs in all of Anime. I’ve gotta’ get more "Million Dollar Conspiracy" Emily O’Hara cels!

 City Hunter 01

 City Hunter 02

 City Hunter 03

 City Hunter 04
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