Robot Carnival-Tale of Two Robots, A

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"Robot Carnival" is a collection of shorts, first released in 1987. The anthology consists of seven individual shorts and one opening and ending animation. None of the shorts had anything to do with any of the other shorts. Its tagline, “Nine animators, one vision”, really should be “Nine animators, eight visions.”

Hiroyuki Kitokubo directed “A Tale of Two Robots-Foreign Invasion” with character designs by pre-Evangelion Yoshiyuki Sadamoto. Set in Meiji era Japan, a group of jackass Japanese teens must save Japan from an egomaniacal European mad scientist.

“A Tale of Two Robots” can easily be described as xenophobic, racist, and hilarious. The mad scientist, Jonathan Jameson Volguson the 3rd, is every stereotypical view of westerners known to man fused together in one character. He gets to say such wonderful lines as, “Right!? Of course I’m RIGHT! I’m always RIGHT!! Wha ha ha ha ha…”

 Robot Carnival
A Tale of Two Robots 01

 Robot Carnival
A Tale of Two Robots 02

 Robot Carnival
A Tale of Two Robots 03

 Robot Carnival
A Tale of Two Robots 04
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Curator: guyvariii
Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

Presentation 8.65/10   Collection 9.12/10   Overall 8.70/10   Votes 65 votes
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