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"Robot Carnival" is a collection of shorts, first released in 1987. The anthology consists of seven individual shorts and one opening and ending animation. None of the shorts had anything to do with any of the other shorts. Its tagline, “Nine animators, one vision”, could be more accurately put: “Nine animators, eight visions.”

Directed by Hidetoshi Ohmori (Director, “9 Love Stories: I Can’t Stop Loving You”; Character Designer and Storyboarder, “The Guyver”) “Deprive” takes place at some unnamed time in the future. Earth has been invaded by robot aliens! First, they attacked and destroyed our cities. Then, they subjugated mankind.
But now, they’ve gone too far. Their 1980s glam-rocker leader went and took a little girl from some insignificant, puny, nothin’ ’bot … BIG MISTAKE!

Mr. Roboto’s rebuilt himself as one badass, alien-bashin’ mutha’!
He’s come to take back what’s his, and give a warm, five-fingered-fist-to-the-face welcome to Mr. eye-shadow wearing, smug Alien Overlord.


 Deprive 01

 Deprive 02

 Deprive 03
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Curator: guyvariii
Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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