Guyver: Out of Control

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Released in 1986, five years earlier than the "Guyver" OVA, "Guyver Out of Control" is an altered version of what would later be the first six episodes of the "Guyver" OVA series, told in 55 minutes.

Although many of the individual scenes made up for incredibly limited animation with a lot of style and quick cutting, as a whole, "Guyver Out of Control" looked somewhat cheap, with a lot of reused footage. Its music score consisted of one really peppy pop tune and a synthesizer track. The incongruity of the pop tune led to a hilarious scene of the Guyver ripping apart Zoanoids to "happy" music.

It’s known as the Guyver anime that changed the sex of Guyver 2. The only reason I can see as to why they made him a "her", was to add a female character they could show naked while merging with the Guyver unit (I have dubbed it: "the Guyver love machine scene"). Even though it’s flawed, it’s still enjoyable. And it’s interesting to see the Guyver with character designs different from those shown in the series.

 Guyver 01

 Guyver 02

 Guyver 03

 Guyver 04
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Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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