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"Glo Friends" first aired on American television in 1986, to sell a toy line.

The Glo Friends are bugs (and a few other animals) that glow in the dark. They live in Glo Land and are powered by Moon Drops. As the song says; “With Moon Drops, which fall to Earth at night, we glow bright as day.” The Glo Friends had to stay one step ahead of the Moligans, who wanted to use them as lanterns to light up their caves.

It’s a kids cartoon from the ’80s. The toys were a cross between a night-light and a stuffed toy. After the success of the original toy, the cartoon was released, and a line of cheaper small plastic glow in the dark toys were released. My Sister had the large stuffed Glo Worm, and I had three or four of the smaller ones.

 Glo 001

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