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"Exo-Squad" aired on American TV from 1993-94.

In the future mankind will gain the ability to reshape nature and will decide to colonize Mars and Venus. To help with the labor, a genetically engineered race of humans is created: the Neosapians. While work on the planets is being completed, the Neosapians revolt and take over Mars and Venus. The humans on those planets are captured and the Neosapians plot to capture and eliminate all mankind. Humanity’s only hope is the Exo-Squad.

The Exo-Squad is a group that was originally formed to combat futuristic pirates, but now must use their E-frames (Robotic Armor) to wage war against the Neosapians.

American animated war drama: lovable stock characters and lots of action.

 ExoSquad 1

Curator: guyvariii
Gallery Created: 1/21/2004

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