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The "RoboCop" cartoon series first aired in 1988, a year after the motion picture.

In the near future the world will be slowly taken over by OCP (Omni Consumer Products). OCP is a huge company. Its only needs are money and public support.

OCP’s newest project is Delta City, a plan to turn crime-ridden Detroit into the city of the future. To bring the plan to fruition, the company decides to create the ultimate crime-fighting machine. Two projects are started, the ED209 project, and the RoboCop project. When the ED209 team runs into a “glitch”, RoboCop is given the green light.

After purchasing the Detroit Police Department, OCP puts good cops, young, healthy, intelligent, and resourceful men and women, in the most dangerous situations, in the hopes that they’ll die, so that the company will be able to harvest their brains and create a crime fighting cyborg, RoboCop. Their dreams are realized when family man Alex Murphy is murdered by career criminal Clarence Boddicker.

This cartoon shouldn’t exist. The "RoboCop" movie was a hilarious, ultra-violent, social commentary. This cartoon could’ve been a joke in the movie. When "RoboCop" came out I was 4, so I didn’t see it in theaters, but when I was 5, the cartoon show was on TV. This was my first introduction to "RoboCop" and I thought he was great. The cartoon show, like every other sequel to the original movie, is no good. But at the time, when I was 5 or 6, I didn’t care that the animation was stilted and the perspective was wrong 90% of the time. I still enjoy the one episode I have on tape. I just wish Dick Jones was in the cartoon; “I had contracts. Who cares if the thing didn’t work?”

 RoboCop 01

 RoboCop 02

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